Friday, November 26, 2010

I'm Bored: Well Have I Got Ideas For You!

I don’t know about you, but am really feeling like a lump after the Thanksgiving feeding frenzy.  Am wondering how to avoid the Black Friday craziness at the malls, but still find something fun to do with my family over the next three days.  Came up with a few ideas to share with you.  They don’t cost much, if anything, and beats hearing “I’m bored.”  Enjoy!
1.    Bake cookies, or take the fast and easy way out and add frosting and sprinkles to purchased ones.  You can also have the kids decide what’s for dinner and let them help cook.
2.    Go to an indoor playground.  Invite the other parent, have coffee and TALK! The Eagles Nest in New Brighton, Maple Grove Community Center and Edinborough Park in Edina are all great Twin Cities Metro options.
3.    Call a friend and meet at a park.  Even babies in strollers are fine, if bundled up, if the temp is above zero.
4.    Go rollerblading or strollerblading.  If it’s not too icy, you can go around the Twin Cities lakes, or try out the Metrodome for an indoor option.
5.    Try bumper bowling.  There are coupons online and in the Happenings/Entertainment books that make this a cheap fun option for ages five and up.  I love the bumpers, because then even I can look like a pro!
6.    Explore your local wildlife park.  In the northern Minneapolis suburbs Springbrook Nature Center and Silverwood are great options.
7.    Go to the zoo.  The Como and Minnesota zoo have indoor and outdoor choices.   
8.    Grab your bike helmets and go for a bike ride.  You can even do this in the winter if the streets have been cleared and it’s not icy.
9.    Organize a Kid-Swap with friends. They take your kids for a morning and you take theirs for an afternoon.
10.  Go to a local museum.  The Minnesota History Center or Gibbs Museum is a great to show the kids how things use to be.  The Minneapolis Art Institute is free and is next to the Children’s Theatre.  Rush tickets are half price and if the kids aren’t too tired after the museum, it’s a perfect add-on.  Get in line a half an hour before the show!
11.  Go ice-skating at the Depot in downtown Minneapolis.
12.  Have a movie afternoon. Rent a couple of good kid’s shows, make some popcorn and snuggle up with blankets and enjoy.
13.  Stop down at the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market.  They are open until Christmas and even have hot coffee and cocoa.
14.  Cut your own tree at a Christmas tree farm. 
15.  Try Horseback riding or a sleigh/wagon ride.  For an easy short option, try the Forepaugh’s area in St. Paul or down by the Mississippi River in Minneapolis.
16.  Visit a farm and see all the farm animals, you maybe be able to feed and pat some of the tamer ones.  Emma Krumbees in Belle Plain has a nice one that is perfect for smaller kids.
17.  Take a day trip to a historic town.  Red Wing, Afton and Stillwater are fun year round!
18.  Try winter camping at Baker Park.  They also have fun family classes and year round campfires.  You can even try a campfire in your own back yard!
19.  Have an indoor picnic lunch.  Let the kids help pack their own, break out the picnic basket and spread out a blanket.  We have even put on shorts and sunglasses.
20.  Smile! Get out the digital camera, let the kids take some pictures, download them and create a slide show.  You can also give them the video camera, and have your own Oscar-winning production.

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